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10 Times Table Resource Pack: Teaching, Practising And Investigating – PowerPoint And Activity Worksheets


A pack to support the introduction or review of teaching the 10 times table to a class or group. This pack contains:

PowerPoint – this can be used during one lesson or used over a number of teaching sessions. Its slides include:
* Visual Introduction – a visual explanation of how the 10 times table uses repeated counting.
* Rote – practice for 10 times table recall.
* Practice questions – questions on the recall of multiplication and division facts related to the 10 times table.
* Investigation – Questions related to the rules of the 10 times table and real-life problems involving the 10 times table.
* A cheat sheet – reminding pupils of a rule for the 10 times table.

Activity Booklet. This contains:
* A 10 times table practice tube
* 3 differentiated activity sheets. These include practice, questioning and problem-solving questions. The sheet for more able pupils includes links to other areas of maths.
* 1 rapid-recall sheet of 60 10-times table questions.
* 1 rapid-recall sheet of 60 multiplication and division questions relating to the 10 times table.
* An investigation related to the 10 times table.