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Michael Morpurgo's Boy Giant – KS2 Book Topic Lesson with Activity Sheets


In Michael Morpurgo's much-loved classic, Boy Giant, the harsh realities of modern-day war and migration collide in an engagingly offbeat reading experience, while Michael Foreman’s line illustrations bring the text to life.

When an Afghan village is plagued by war, 10-year-old Omar and his mother set off on a long, dangerous voyage for Uncle Said’s café in England.

But when his mother can’t afford boat tickets for the two of them, Omar has to make the journey. Then, when the worst happens at sea, Omar thinks he's going to die, but instead he washes up on the strange and wondrous the island of Lilliput, whose tiny inhabitants welcomed Gulliver so long ago, where he becomes Son of Gulliver.

In this resource you'll find the KS2 book topic from Carey Fluker Hunt and a 12-page PDF packed full of lesson ideas and activities.