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Native American Proverbs for Inference, Greater Depth Writing and Display in KS2

The Native American proverbs in this pack can be used to add authenticity when children in Key Stage 2 plan and write stories with historical settings. They can also be used for inference and comprehension activities, and for display.

The pack contains:

Native American proverb cards - These can be printed out and cut up, so that they can be shared amongst pupils in a group and their meanings discussed. Also included are larger versions of the proverbs, for display.

Native American proverb meaning cards - these can be used for a matching activity at tables, and also (as larger versions) for display.

Native American proverb worksheets - space is provided for children to infer what they think each proverb means.

Native American proverb answer sheet - this presents the proverbs with their explanation, for the teacher's use.