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Rainforest Classroom Display - Primary Art Project Pack


Create a classroom wall display that's the envy of the school with our rainforest project pack.

This pack has all the templates and resources you need to create a stunning wall display. There are rainforest animals and plants for you to cut out and paint, and colourful borders to frame pupils' work.

If you want to turn making the display into an art lesson, we've created a video on wax relief painting that you can show to your class. You can view it here. It's a great way to demonstrate art techniques on your interactive whiteboard where every child can clearly see the steps to follow.

The complete wall display pack includes:

  • Teachers' notes on creating the display
  • Over 20 rainforest animal, plant and flower templates to cut out and colour. These are all available at A4 and A3 sizes - with the tiger illustration split over four A3 sheets to create a giant cut out
  • Six rainforest borders for children's work - both with and without lines
  • Upper and lower case rainforest letters (A-Z) for display titles
  • 13 rainforest photographs to inspire children's artwork
  • Four A4 rainforest photographs with borders to add to your display
  • A planning grid to guide the layout of your display
  • Instructions for pupils on how to use the templates to create a collage