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Topical Tuesdays from The Week Junior – Kapow


In this feature the focus is on the creation of new words and phrases and how they are added to the dictionary.

The most recent version of the OED has 203 additions, such as 'kapow', meaning the sound of an explosion, gunshot, hard punch or blow.

Popular culture obviously has its effect on language, and Star Wars offers five new additions to the October update: lightsabre, Jedi, the Force, Padawan and Jedi mind trick.

Even words like 'Simples', from the Compare the Market adverts have been included, and slang terms like chillax, whateves and sumfin made the cut.

  • Hold a debate on why language evolves, and whether it should
  • Write a two- or three-paragraph story using the words: kapow, padawan, ange, nomophobia and summum malum
  • Create definitions for these made-up words: breffingle, nopperhast, yoochitrat
  • Find three three English words that originated from Anglo Saxon, Norman, Viking and Indian cultures

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