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Year 1 Spelling Pattern Posters For Revision And Classroom Display

This pack contains 8 interactive posters illustrating Year 1 spelling concepts.

Each poster shows a spelling pattern surrounded by eight images. Each image illustrates a word that includes the same spelling pattern.

There are two versions of each poster. Posters with text – the images on these posters are labelled with the word they are illustrating. Posters without text – the images on these posters are not labelled so that children can look at the pictures and try and identify the words they represent and the spelling pattern or patterns common to them all.

There are also graphics for you to make your own posters, which can be cut out and arranged in different patterns on the classroom wall.

The spelling rules illustrated in these posters are:

* 'ff', 'll', 'ss', 'zz' and 'c' words
* -nk words
* Syllables
* -tch words
* Words that end in the 'v' sound
* Adding 's' and 'es' to words
* Adding -ed, -ing and -er
* Adding -er and -est