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Year 1 Spellings – Spelling Patterns Classroom Displays

image of Year 1 Spellings – Spelling Patterns Classroom Displays
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Enhance your KS1 classroom displays with this set of 8 colourful posters based around Year 1 spelling words. Each poster shows a spelling pattern surrounded by 8 eye-catching images illustrating words that use that pattern.

As well as the completed spelling display posters, the pack includes:

  • Classroom posters where the example illustrations aren’t labelled, so children can be challenged to identify the missing words
  • Classroom posters showing the spelling pattern only, so children can add their own example words and pictures
  • Individual elements of the posters, which can be cut out and assembled as part of any larger wall display, and added to by the children.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

The sounds /f/, /l/, /s/, /z/ and /k/ spelt ff, ll, ss, zz and ck


The /v/ sound at the end of words

Adding s and es to words (plural of nouns and the third person singular of verbs)

Words ending –y (/i:/ or /ɪ/)

New consonant spellings ph and wh

Using k for the /k/ sound

Adding the prefix –un

Compound words

The /ŋ/ sound spelt n before k

Adding the endings –ing, –ed and –er to verbs where no change is needed to the root word

Adding –er and –est to adjectives where no change is needed to the root word

  • posters with text
  • posters without text
  • pupil worksheets
  • elements for wall display
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