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“I’m really impressed with the quality”

I just wanted to say that I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the resources on your site, the different approaches and the use of colour are refreshing to see (your conjunctions display material is great). I’ll be using a number of them come September.

Maxine Prince

teacher and former senior leader

“It’s what teachers need”

Thank you for the great resources. It has been a joy to discover your website and find such useful resources that clearly understand what teachers need to support their classes.

Oliver Reed

Y2 teacher

“Child-friendly, but not childish!”

I am really impressed by your resources - they are really child friendly (without looking childish!). I have paid for membership because I can see I will be able to use them to supplement my work in the next school year

Nicki Andrews

teacher (Y6/7)

“Takes the pressure off parents”

Plazoom has been a big help with Lilly’s English sessions at home, it’s hard as a parent to know what resources to use and what’s the best way to teach our children, but this just takes so much pressure off and is so easy to download and use. I love that it caters for different year groups, so you know your child’s doing the right level of work for their age.

Jade Gardiner


“The quality of task is excellent”

I think there are a good range of resources on the site that are well thought through and there are some really interesting elements to the offering that I haven’t seen elsewhere. The quality of task is excellent.

Lucy Starbuck Braidley

Y5 teacher and English lead

“This would really improve writing”

The interactive classroom display materials are excellent. The completed pictures are really useful to spark ideas for the pupils then to come up with their own. I could see how these could be used as a lesson and I think they would really improve writing. I love the idea they are then on display to refer to during writing sessions.

Louise Atkinson

primary teacher, Carlisle

“Easy to build into lessons”

I like the Grammar Burst collection, with its idea of a particular aspect of grammar being taught on consecutive days in ‘short bursts’, each session building on the last. These could easily be built into English lessons as starters!

Sophie Bartlett

Y5/6 teacher

“Imaginative and relevant to the curriculum”

I’m really impressed with the range and quality of resources on Plazoom, all learning styles and abilities are accommodated and it’s very clear that they are designed to support teachers - activities are imaginative and relevant to the curriculum.

Sarah Armitage

Y5/6 teacher