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At Plazoom, we’re passionate about making great literacy lessons easy; as a member of our community, you’ll get a stack of brilliant benefits.

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What our subscribers think

“I’m really impressed with the quality”

I just wanted to say that I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the resources on your site, the different approaches and the use of colour are refreshing to see (your conjunctions display material is great). I’ll be using a number of them come September.

Maxine Prince

teacher and former senior leader

“It’s what teachers need”

Thank you for the great resources. It has been a joy to discover your website and find such useful resources that clearly understand what teachers need to support their classes.

Oliver Reed

Y2 teacher

“Child-friendly, but not childish!”

I am really impressed by your resources - they are really child friendly (without looking childish!). I have paid for membership because I can see I will be able to use them to supplement my work in the next school year

Nicki Andrews

teacher (Y6/7)

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Over 1500 resource packs,
60 training videos and 80 teaching guides at your fingertips

Our resources are created and checked by teachers, and designed with care to be a joy to work with as well as a delight to see in books and as wall displays. Your subscription includes comprehensive reading and writing curriculums, as well as hundreds of activities covering grammar, spelling, vocabulary and more.

Resource packs

Transform pupils' writing

Our Real Writing programme has everything you need to deliver over 50 weeks of outstanding writing lessons. Each unit is built around one of 150 original and engaging model texts, which together cover every writing objective for your year group.

Expert reading comprehension

Working with some of the nation’s top literacy consultants, we’ve created a complete reading comprehension programme with exclusive fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts placed at the heart of a thematic teaching sequence for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Writing tips from top
children’s authors

Especially created to be played in classrooms, Author in Your Classroom is a podcast that features writers your children love. Every episode comes with a free set of resources and lesson plans based on the featured author’s work.

Cute Monster listening to Author In Your Classroom
Creating characters, with Sam Copeland

Author In Your Classroom


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80+ CPD Guides | Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Reading, General, Planning, CPD & Assessment

CPD guidance from literacy experts

Choose from a growing bank of KS1 and KS2 CPD programmes, all of which have been developed and delivered by literacy consultants who are driving school improvement across the nation. From Rachel Clarke’s tips on how to teach tricky grammar to James Clements’ guide to high-quality texts and Shareen Wilkinson on developing a deeper subject knowledge, our CPD suite includes 60+ training videos and 80+ easily digestible guides to cover key teaching topics, enabling you to take control of your own learning.

Happy Rabbit

Brilliant Classroom Displays

Keep your classroom displays fresh, dynamic and interactive with our bright, beautiful poster collections - and motivate children with good-looking reward charts and certificates that recognise their effort and achievements.

Happy Weasel

Brilliant Classroom Displays

Keep your classroom displays fresh, dynamic and interactive with our bright, beautiful poster collections - and motivate children with good-looking reward charts and certificates that recognise their effort and achievements.

Free subscription to Teach
Reading & Writing

Teach Reading & Writing is both a celebration of children's books and authors and a treasure trove of literacy teaching ideas. Featuring contributions from literacy experts like Pie Corbett, Nikki Gamble and Isabella Wallace as well as essays from well-loved children’s authors such as Anthony Horowitz, Michael Rosen, Chris Riddell and Jacqueline Wilson, every issue is one you’ll want to keep forever. As a Plazoom member, you’ll get the magazine delivered to your door twice a year, PLUS digital access to every back issue!

Teach Reading & Writing | Look inside the latest issue
Helen Mulley | Plazoom Content Creator

Having worked in education publishing for over a decade, I can honestly say this is the most exciting project I've been involved with; the quality of the resources our amazing team produces is simply inspiring - it's a joy to be able to share them with the teaching community.

Helen Mulley
Education Content Manager

Sue Drury | Plazoom Content Creator

At Plazoom, we’re passionate about making great literacy lessons easy. As a member of our community you get access to loads of benefits!

Sue Drury
Plazoom Content Creator


Join Plazoom today for just £49.99 - and discover a whole new world of literacy resources for you and your pupils!

Unlimited Access to 1000s of Resources

High quality literacy resources created and checked by teachers for you to access as often as you like

100+ Literacy CPD Guides

Bite-size training sessions to keep you at the top of your teaching game.

Free Subscription to Teach Reading & Writing

The UK’s favourite literacy teaching magazine delivered straight to your door, twice a year - PLUS digital access to every back issue.

Complete Programme for Grammar Teaching

Comprehensive units covering every objective from Y1 - Y6

Whole-school Reading Comprehension

An expert comprehension curriculum for every year group, with original texts covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry in each unit.

Full Model Texts Teaching Curriculum

Access a powerful new curriculum for years 1-6, that could transform writing in your school.

Questions you may ask before joining

What am I actually getting for £49.99?

Your membership to Plazoom includes unlimited access to 1000s of resources; 60+ training videos and 80+ CPD guides; THREE whole-school curriculums - Real Writing, Real Comprehension and Real Grammar; a FREE subscription to Teach Reading & Writing magazine, and much more.

Where can the resources be used?

Our resources are designed to be flexible and adaptable. They are great for use in the classroom, for homework and for remote learning. Although fully linked for the English national curriculum, they work brilliantly in all educational context, including in Scottish, Welsh and international schools, and can also support the teaching of English as an additional language.

Who creates the resources?

All our resources are created and checked by teachers with many years' experience of working in primary schools - using their intimate knowledge of the curriculum alongside their understanding of what really works in the classroom to produce genuinely outstanding materials that meet real needs as well as inspiring excellence.

What is Plazoom?

Plazoom is where you will find the very best literacy resources for primary aged children - trusted and used by teachers everywhere - as well as CPD support, author podcasts, Teach Reading & Writing magazine and much more. We're a growing community of people who are passionate about literacy teaching and learning - and we can't wait for you to join us!