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Close The Writing Gap

Real Writing is the brand new KS2 English programme from Plazoom, launching this September. Carefully mapped to the National Curriculum for years 3-6, it’s ideal for closing the learning gap and helping pupils to accelerate their progress.

Real Writing offers 100 teaching units, each of which contains all of the resources you need to deliver 2-3 weeks of high-quality lessons.

Real Writing - 100 new units coming this September

What's Inside A Real Writing Resource?

Get Children Back In The Writing Habit

Using Real Writing means you can choose to focus on any writing objective from the National Curriculum. Equally, it’s excellent for building up children’s writing stamina and getting them back into the habit of composition. At the centre of every unit is a model text written by a published children’s author, mapped to key criteria and objectives, which makes sure pupils are basing their own work on examples of the highest standards.

Model Texts By Published Authors

Each text provides the perfect model for young writers, is mapped to NC objectives and introduces specific tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary. Annotations highlight key teaching points.

A complete teaching map

Planning frameworks for each unit lay out a teaching sequence for delivering the three-stage process of familiarise, rehearse, apply.

Detailed Lesson Plans

Two complete plans - one focusing on composition / grammar and the other on vocabulary - come with PowerPoints, pupil worksheets, teacher notes and all supporting resources.

Assessment sheets to track progress

Record which skills children have learnt and revised during the course of each unit - using both child and teacher assessments.

Focus on vocabulary

Explore the carefully selected tier 2 and tier three words, using vocabulary cards to develop discussion around nuanced definitions that put language in context.

Extended writing tasks

Give children the chance to put their skills into practice with a final independent writing challenge that presents a new context in which to explore the writer's craft.