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Looking for SATs Success in 2022?

Preparing your pupils for their upcoming SATs? Keen to ease their stress and up their confidence?

Plazoom has got you covered! Our comprehensive collection of resources for SATs revision, practice and evidence gathering will ensure your year 6 pupils are prepared for their assessments at the end of KS2.

You can also scroll down to find:

  • A free webinar recording by Rachel Clarke packed with SATs strategies
  • Plazoom practise packs to support your SATs preparation

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Here’s how Plazoom can support you with KS2 SATs preparation, now!

Image for Revision Blasters

Revision Blasters

Identify gaps in grammar knowledge and consolidate your pupils' learning

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Cross-curricular writing activities

Gather writing evidence against the TAF for robust assessment

Image for Reading assessment practice packs

Reading assessment practice packs

Build test confidence with SATs style practice packs

Watch our SATs webinar

Watch (or re-watch) this recording for free at any time to look more closely at:

✔️ The stress-free strategies you can implement to help your pupils’ prepare for the SATs

✔️ Identifying gaps in your pupils’ knowledge and targeting interventions effectively

✔️ How to support children to achieve the outcomes of which they are truly capable

✔️ ... and much more!

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No-stress Strategies for KS2 SATs Success

This year will be the first year since 2019 that SATs have taken place and we are therefore unsurprisingly seeing higher levels of worry and anxiety.

This is where our expert Rachel Clarke can help. In this handy teaching guide Rachel walks through;

  • what children can expect from the KS2 English SATs;
  • what skills our pupils will need to employ to succeed;
  • and the stress-free teaching strategies that will support children to acquire, consolidate and apply those skills.

How Plazoom can help

Plazoom is packed full of resources that will save you time across every area of your literacy curriculum. We have resources that cover EVERY objective in the English PoS for Years 1-6; all expertly created and beautifully designed to inspire your pupils

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