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Teach grammar RIGHT from the start

Real Grammar provides you with everything you need to teach and embed all objectives from the grammar curriculum for Years 1-6.

Created by literacy and teaching experts, Real Grammar’s flexible, ready-made resources will not only save you time and ensure secure understanding and consistent progress for all pupils - they’ll support you to upskill your own grammar knowledge, too!

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Why try Real Grammar?

With over 100 resource packs, covering every grammar objective in the English PoS, Real Grammar will help you:

  • Support and challenge EVERY child with 3 levels of differentiation
  • Teach quality-first grammar lessons with all the resources you need at your fingertips
  • Upskill your subject knowledge with terminology definitions and modelled examples
Download our Real Grammar Guide to find out more.

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Year 6

Looking for training? We’ve got you covered…

In this specially recorded webinar, literacy consultant Rachel Clarke explains the research behind Real Grammar, and talks through the teaching process, step by step. Ideal for viewing at home, or as part of an INSET or twighlight session with colleagues, it’s the perfect way to ensure you and your colleagues are delivering every grammar lesson in the most effective way possible.

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Expert approval

“Grammar is real when children can apply it to write their own texts. This means they need to know the correct grammatical terminology, be able to identify aspects of grammar in written texts and then use that grammar appropriately. To be effective in their choices, rote learning simply doesn’t work. Real Grammar is an approach that recognises all of this and so has a robust teaching sequence to ensure that children achieve deep grammatical learning. By combining teacher-led learning with practice activities and written application, Real Grammar provides teachers with comprehensive lesson ideas to ensure that all children succeed.”

Rachel Clarke, Director of Primary English

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