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How to make spelling stick!

An essential masterclass for anyone looking to improve spelling in their school

In this 90-min online session literacy expert Ruth Baker-Leask will show us how we can ensure that we are employing the right tactics and strategies in our daily teaching to ensure spelling sticks for every pupil.

Join us for this 90min training event on 23rd March 2022, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, for just £15!

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What will this masterclass cover?

  • The importance of developing a love of language and words in your school - and how to do it
  • The subject knowledge teachers need to teach spelling well, including exploring the role played by memory
  • How and what to teach during a spelling lesson, and why investigation is crucial
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Key information about the masterclass


Who is it for?

All primary school teachers, English coordinators & SLT


When will it take place?

23rd March, 4:00pm-5:30pm


Who is leading the masterclass?

Literacy expert Ruth Baker-Leask (find out more below)


How much is it to attend?

£15 per person

By the end of this 90-min session you will…

  • Better understand the spelling needs of your pupils
  • Be able to plan and implement effective spelling lessons throughout your school
  • Have practical strategies at your fingertips to support those spellers who have gaps in their knowledge
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Your masterclass expert: Ruth Baker-Leask

The expert leading your spelling masterclass will be Ruth Baker-Leask – Director of Minerva Learning and Chair of the National Association for Advisers in English (NAAE), with 15 years’ experience of delivering successful CPD in schools. Ruth is an associate consultant for the National Literacy Trust (NLT), and sits on the Members and Awards Panel for the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA).

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What do teachers say about CPD with Ruth?

“The pace was good and there was a deceptive amount of information and ideas in what at first appeared to be a very simple presentation - I found myself taking notes about ideas to use in class.”

- Alison Narroway

“I believe a good CPD is one which excites teachers enough to want to go into the classroom and implement recommended strategies immediately. This [session] made me feel that way. The presenter was very effective.”

- Mandira Dasgupta

“For me the content was excellent. I was given so many new ideas and reinforcement of things I already use. I loved the explanation of receptive and expressive vocabulary...It has allowed me to better see how I can approach and apply learning.”

- Gaytri Patel