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Join our Plazoom teacher team

​We are looking for teachers to join our teacher team to take part in focus groups, new product testing and provide feedback from the classroom on what you would like to see added to Plazoom next.

There are special gifts for taking part in some of the feedback sessions so make sure you keep a beady eye out for those invites!

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Register for upcoming events

Members of our Teacher Team are regularly invited to special events - such as focus groups, where we can spend time talking about a specific aspect of literacy teaching, or networking sessions that are more of a chance for a general catch up with fellow professionals.

Recent participants in a focus group received a £20 Amazon voucher for their time, and there will be other rewards available as we move through the year.

Interested? Just click below to fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch!

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Why join the Plazoom teacher team?

When you sign up to be part of our teacher team you will receive invitations from a member of the Plazoom team to take part in upcoming focus groups, or simply to give feedback on a new resource. You can sign up for a specific event if one is taking place or simply register your interest in taking part.

  • Get early access to the latest resources
  • Have your voice heard when it comes to what really works in the classroom
  • Earn rewards for your contributions!