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Strengthen inference skills at KS2

Support your KS2 pupils to develop reading fluency with classic texts, using a tried and tested approach to whole-school reading with Plazoom’s powerful Unlocking Inference resource packs.

Featuring key comprehension objectives to develop pupils’ understanding of fiction and develop positive attitudes to reading, this powerful collection will improve children’s reading stamina as they learn to make sophisticated inferences through repeated layered readings of the extracts, discussing vocabulary used and the effect this has on the reader.

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What do I get with Unlocking Inference?

Unlocking Inference features 21 resource packs for Years 3-6. Each resource pack includes a classic text extract PowerPoint and a teaching sequence PowerPoint, plus a Big Questions worksheet and Tier 2 vocabulary cards to encourage shared and close reading, detailed oral or written responses and accurate use of new vocabulary in independent writing.

How to access all Unlocking Inference activities

You can access all 21 Unlocking Inferences resource packs for Years 3-6 (PLUS 1000s more high-quality literacy resources) with a subscription to Plazoom.

From as little as £4.99 a month you can access:

  • The complete Unlocking Inference collection for Y3-6
  • Your year group for Real Writing
  • Your year group for Real Comprehension
  • Over 1,500 literacy resources covering every literacy objective
  • And much more…
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Explore Unlocking Inference for your year group

Unlocking Inference’s simple and effective structure

  • Step 1: A Shared Read - for stronger comprehension
  • Step 2: A Close Read - to deepen understanding
  • Step 3: The Big Questions - to inspire discussion
  • Step 4: A Vocabulary Focus - to develop a rich and broad vocabulary
Access ALL 21 resources packs for KS2 for only £4.99!
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Why do teachers love Unlocking Inference?

We test all of our resources in the classroom to ensure EVERY Plazoom resource works for both teachers and pupils. There are thousands of primary schools in the UK and abroad using Plazoom resources to improve literacy outcomes every day.

“Been using your Unlocking Inference ‘A Christmas Carol’ with a Y6 child with amazing results! Confidence, fluency, vocabulary and understanding all improved in such a short time. Will definitely be using the other titles. Thank you ”

- Tutor, via Twitter

“The resources are fantastic. The texts are high quality and the vocabulary resources are extremely useful”

- Samantha Walker, Assistant Head Teacher, St Mary’s CE Primary School

“I loved the Unlocking Inference CPD - what was particularly helpful was being able to see it put into practise in the classroom. It really helped me to see how I could use the strategies in my own classroom ”

- Julia Thomson, Year 6 Class Teacher and Acting Deputy Head

Gain access to effective CPD to support reading fluency!

Our Unlocking Inference CPD - delivered by education experts Christine Chen and Lindsay Pickton - features a complete course of research-based training videos demonstrating a tried and tested approach to whole-class reading in action – all part of your £4.99 subscription. Keen to know more?

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