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Here at Plazoom we put teachers at the heart of our product development. We want to ensure that our resources support both teachers and pupils to achieve their very best. That is why we are asking our members to become part of a literacy advisory team that will help to shape the future of Plazoom to ensure our resources work for every school, teacher and pupil.

Why become a Plazoom Literacy Partner School?

In exchange for your time, feedback and support in the development of Plazoom we are offering all Plazoom Literacy Partner Schools the following additional benefits:

What we ask of our Plazoom Literacy Partner Schools

We know how busy you are in school, and we don’t want to take up too much of your valuable time so we have kept things simple; all we ask of you is to:

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Provide feedback on new resources, marketing materials, or your priorities and challenges once per term - this may be as part of a focus group, a survey, a phone call or email.


Provide information for a case study on how your school has used Plazoom across your school. This will take the form of a short phone call with one of our team to gather the information we need. Case studies will be used in our marketing of Plazoom.


Help us to share the amazing work being undertaken in your school using Plazoom resources by sharing pupils’ work on your social channels (if possible).

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*Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions apply to the benefits we offer in exchange for your participation in research and feedback for Plazoom. In order for your school to be eligible to receive a 40% discount on your Plazoom school subscription in the year following you becoming a Plazoom Literacy Partner School we require you (or a member of the teaching staff at your school) to have completed the requirements set out above in the ‘What we ask of our Plazoom Literacy Partner Schools’ section. Please be aware that if for any reason you are unable to complete the requirements as set out we reserve the right to refuse the benefit of a discount off your subscription to Plazoom. Please also note that completing the registration form to join the Plazoom Literacy Partners programme does not guarantee you a place.