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Real Comprehension - Out Now!

Real Comprehension is a powerful, whole-school comprehension programme, devised by Plazoom in collaboration with literacy consultants Christine Chen, Lindsay Pickton, Rachel Clarke and Ruth Baker-Leask, and featuring 54 original, exclusive texts by published children's authors.

Download a FREE Year 6 poetry unit on the theme of Reconciliation to try with your class

Real Comprehension - Out May 2021
Real Comprehension resources

Take a look at what Real Comprehension has to offer

Download your FREE poetry resources, from the Y6 autumn 'Reconciliation' unit to:

  • Develop key comprehension skills, including inference, through close reading and structured questions
  • Explore the theme of reconciliation with an original poem 'Together Again' written by well-known children's author Joshua Seigal
  • Enable personal responses from children, linking the text to other reading and their own experiences

How can I access the rest of Real Comprehension?

Real Comprehension includes 54 units of work covering Years 1-6 and is available in its entirety to all Plazoom school subscribers. You can find out more about a school subscription to Plazoom below. Alternatively subscribe personally and get access to your year group.