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Sample Units

Download FREE units for Years 1, 4 and 6 to try out in your school.

  • Build deeper understanding for children of all abilities through a variety of close-reading and guided reading techniques.
  • Improve pupils' ability to make high-level inferences and links between texts, and extend their vocabulary with focused lessons.
  • Engage your class and save time with fully resourced teaching sequences and original texts written by well-known children’s authors.

Real Comprehension


The Wrong Path

Check out a progression map of themes from years 1 - 6


The Wrong Path

Explore thematic wider reading suggestions for the full programme

How does Real Comprehension work?

1. Introduce the theme

Expore words related to the theme; discuss ideas pupils have about it

(see teacher notes for unit overview and guidance)

Book character
2. Explore the texts (fiction/non-fiction/poetry} by children's authors

Check prior knowledge


  • Build familiarity with a layered read
  • Secure undertanding withn a close read
  • Deepen engagement with supplied activites (e.g. emotion graphing)
  • Tackle Big Questions as a class and independently


  • Practise 'difficult easy' questions
  • Discuss pupils' personal responses
  • Develop vocabulary with focused lessons
Book character
3. Pull it all together
  • Explore the theme with the questions provided
  • Share whole books and extracts from the reading list
  • Relate the theme to wider reading, and childern's own experiences
  • Have their ideas changed since the start of the unit?
Book character
Complete Comprehension

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