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Year 1 Reading Comprehension - Spring Term
Small but Strong

4 Resource Packs

About the theme

For the spring term, Year 1 children will discover texts that show us how size and strength are not always linked. This connects with relationship education - the importance of respecting others - and science (animals including humans). Resources to support children in making connections between the texts can be found in the ‘pulling it all together’ pack, as can a suggested list of books also linked to the theme, which could be read as a class.

Real Comprehension


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The Power Within

Joshua Seigal's moving poem looks at all the different ways nature hides strength in small packages.

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The Lion and the Mouse

A beautiful retelling of a traditional fable with an unlikely hero.

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Small, but Strong!

Do animals have to be large to be strong? Absolutely not, as this fascinating text explains...

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Finished all three texts?

Pulling it all together

Once you have gone through all three texts with pupils, establishing familiarity and understanding with each, you can use these additional resources to help children engage with them thematically, making links between the texts, and to others they may have read or heard of. A suggested list of books for class reading, linked to the unit theme, is also included.

Pulling it all together
Real Comprehension, 54 original texts - 18 themes

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Real Comprehension is a unique, whole-school reading programme designed to develop sophisticated skills of inference and retrieval; build rich vocabularies; and encourage the identification of themes and comparison between texts from years 1 to 6.