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Year 6 Reading Comprehension - Summer Term

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About the theme

In their final term of KS2, the theme of ‘transition’ is one that could hardly be more relevant for pupils - and the texts in this unit have been carefully commissioned to give them an opportunity to share any doubts or worries they may have, as well as understanding others’ situations. Resources to support children in making connections between the texts can be found in the ‘pulling it all together’ pack, as can a suggested list of books also linked to the theme, which could be read as a class.

Real Comprehension


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Many Roads

Inspired by 'The Road Not Taken', by Robert Frost, this poem has an uplifting and empowering message for Y6 leavers.

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Imagine if you could completely change your appearance - just like these fascinating animals do.

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A New Beginning

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting prospect - but this story's narrator finds plenty to enjoy on the first day!

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Finished all three texts?

Pulling it all together

Once you have gone through all three texts with pupils, establishing familiarity and understanding with each, you can use these additional resources to help children engage with them thematically, making links between the texts, and to others they may have read or heard of. A suggested list of books for class reading, linked to the unit theme, is also included.

Pulling it all together
Real Comprehension, 54 original texts - 18 themes

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Real Comprehension is a unique, whole-school reading programme designed to develop sophisticated skills of inference and retrieval; build rich vocabularies; and encourage the identification of themes and comparison between texts from years 1 to 6.