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Great grammar teaching for every classroom

Real Grammar provides you with everything you need to teach and embed all objectives from the grammar curriculum for Years 1-6.

Its comprehensive and flexible 5-step TEACH, PRACTISE, REVISIT, APPLY, REVISE approach has been designed to support teachers to deliver quality-first lessons and ensure consistent progress for all pupils, with plenty of opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge, and close them, through spacing and interleaving. What’s more, in order to establish really deep understanding, Real Grammar puts each objective in context, with original model texts demonstrating usage, and creative writing tasks that allow children to put their learning into practice.

Real Grammar - Full curriculum coverage for Years 1 - 6

Select a year group to view and download resources

After selecting a year group, you can quickly find the right pack for any specific objective by using the drop-down curriculum menu, which is divided into three sections: Writing (vgp), English Appendix 2 (word, sentence, text, punctuation), and Terminology.

Free sample unit downloads

Try Real Grammar with your class today with these complete, free sample units, taken from the curriculum for Year 1, Year 3 and Year 6.

Year 1
plurals -es

Year 1 RG Sample Unit

Year 3
present perfect

Year 3 RG Sample Unit

Year 6
subject and object

Year 6 RG Sample Unit

How to use Real Grammar

Discover how to get the most out of your Real Grammar resources with our downloadable PDF guide; or watch our training webinar.

Real Grammar Guide
Real Grammar teaching guide

This clear and straightforward PDF guide takes you step-by-step through the teaching sequence, explaining the research that underpins the approach and helping ensure your lessons have the greatest possible impact and staying power.

Real Grammar Webinar
Real Grammar webinar

Lasting just over an hour, this training webinar, presented by literacy expert Rachel Clarke, takes an in-depth look at Real Grammar, and is ideal for personal learning or sharing with colleagues during an INSET day or twilight CPD session.

Tried and tested by experts

Real Grammar has been developed with input from a wide range of teachers, school leaders and literacy experts. Here are just a few examples of the feedback we’ve received from them...

Rachel Clarke
Rachel Clarke

Director, Primary English Education


“When they use Real Grammar, schools can be confident that they are covering all of the national curriculum objectives in a structured and systematic manner.”

Lindsay Pickton
Lindsay Pickton

Primary Education Advisors


“Real Grammar's approach is far more likely [than traditional label-the-parts teaching] to lead to children being able to apply their grammatical learning to their future compositions…which is surely the desired end-goal!”

Christine Chen
Christine Chen

Primary Education Advisors


“This is a well-planned and supportive resource that will certainly help children pass grammar tests – and enjoy the process – but, more importantly, help them towards effective, practical application in their own compositions.”

Complete Comprehension

Further support and training

If you would like to talk to us about how Real Grammar could work in your school, ask a specific question, or request more in-depth training, please click below and let us know what you need. We’ll be happy to help!