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Your premium resources

Whole-school programmes to support progression in literacy

Real Comprehension

Whole-school comprehension curriculum

Real Comprehension contains 54 carefully written and designed texts covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry centred around 18 themes. Every text is written by an experienced children’s author, and includes lessons designed to help you highlight writing techniques, broaden vocabulary and build inference skills.

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Real Writing

Whole-school writing curriculum

Real Writing contains 150 units of work to inspire great writing across your school. This complete writing curriculum puts high-quality model texts, written by experienced children’s authors, at the heart of outstanding literacy teaching, helping you to model great writing, ensure rapid progress and deliver effective literacy lessons.

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CPD Collection

Whole-school CPD

Access 7 targeted video CPD courses to boost the confidence, knowledge and skills of every teacher in your school. Each course is delivered by highly experienced literacy experts who are leading effective training in schools across the country; and the powerful sessions can be accessed anywhere, anytime to fit into your busy schedule.

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Plus 1,500 more high-quality
resources to improve literacy

Here are some of our favourite resources to support skills development

For deeper reading comprehension try...

Support KS2 pupils to access and engage with classic texts, using a tried and tested approach to whole-class reading that will lead to all children making sophisticated inferences and tackling ‘big’ comprehension questions with astonishing insight and skill.

For confident, accurate spelling try...

Encourage children to master rules and exceptions, identify misspelt words and apply their spellings creatively in context with over 70 Spelling Workouts for Years 1-6.

For teaching tricky SPaG topics, try...

These powerful packs provide everything you need (including PowerPoints, card sort activities, image prompts, challenge worksheets, uplevelling writing grids and more) to teach five 15-minute lessons on specific points in the programme of study for grammar from Years 1 to 6, with each set of sessions leading to an extended writing outcome

Access inspiring, innovative teaching ideas from the experts in your 5 FREE copies of Teach Reading and Writing

Twice a year you’ll get a fantastic helping of brilliant ideas for literacy across the curriculum - showcasing the very best in children’s literature, creative lesson ideas and expert teaching advice, delivered straight to your school.

You can also access a complete online catalogue of every issue of Teach Reading and Writing to find inspiration for your next lesson anytime you wish.

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