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Classroom Display: Y3 Spelling Patterns

Enhance your KS2 classroom displays with this set of 14 colourful posters based around Year 3 spelling patterns. Each poster shows the spelling pattern surrounded by 8 eye-catching images illustrating words that use that pattern.

As well as the completed posters, the pack includes:
* posters where the example illustrations aren't labelled, so children can be challenged to identify the missing words;
* posters showing the spelling pattern only, so children can add their own example words and pictures;
* individual elements of the posters, which can be cut out and assembled as part of any larger wall display, and added to by the children.

The spelling patterns covered are:
* un- prefix
* dis- prefix
* mis- prefix
* re- prefix
* Add suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable.
* -ly suffix
* words with endings sounding like 'zh' and 'ch'
* words with endings which sound like 'zhun'
* homophones
* words containing the 'i' sound spelt 'y' elsewhere than at the end of words
* words containing the 'u' sound spelt 'ou'
* 'k' sound spelt 'ch'
* 'sh' sound spelt 'ch'
* 'ay' sound spelt 'ei', 'eigh' or 'ey'