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KS2 Powerful Verbs SPaG Teaching Pack And Worksheets Grammar Bursts

This KS2 grammar resource provides everything you need to teach five 15-minute lessons on powerful verbs. It opens up discussions about word choices and how choosing the right verb can change the impact a sentence has on the reader. It explores synonyms and, for example, different words to use instead of 'said'. Activities include challenges such as writing a five sentence story about an image, using at least three powerful verbs, and playing verb charades.

The five SPaG lessons are designed to be taught across one week. Alternately, you may wish to teach the sessions in larger chunks, spread over a longer period of time or intersperse them with different grammar, punctuation and spelling lessons.

The resources included in this pack are:

* Whole-class PowerPoint
* Powerful verb worksheets
* Powerful verb cards sets
* Five images for writing inspiration
* A writing planning sheet
* An upleveling writing worksheet