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Topical Tuesdays from The Week Junior – Dramatic Flooding


On 7 November heavy rain caused widespread flooding in parts of the UK, with at least one person having died, and 1,200 people have had to evacuate their homes because of the damage.

In some counties there was more rainfall in a single day than they usually get in a month, which caused rivers to flood, overwhelming towns and cities with water.

Many people who have suffered because of this say that the Government should have done more to prevent the flooding, and Labour and Lib Dem leaders, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson, have added that more can be done to help those affected.

The Environment Agency will be assessing our country’s flood defences to see where they can be improved.

  • Hold a debate in your class on who you think should be helping to stop future flooding and help the victims of these latest ones. Is it on the homeowners to have comprehensive insurance, or is it the duty of the Government, and tax payers, to help?
  • Get pupils to write a descriptive passage imagining that their house has been damaged in the floods.
  • Use the word 'Flooding' as the basis for an acrostic poem.
  • Research the floods that occurred in 2012. When did they happen? Which areas were worst affected? What did people do to try to prevent the same happening again?

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