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Topical Tuesdays from The Week Junior – Greta Thunberg and Climate Action


This feature looks at the global climate change action that took place on the International Day of Peace, this 21 September.

Your pupils will find out all about the International Day of Peace and what its aims are, as well as how peace is affected by climate change, what the UN is doing about it and how young people like themselves can get involved.

  • Hold a debate about schools strikes, like the one led by Greta Thunberg recently. Do pupils think any issue is worth missing education for? Or are young people in the best position to demonstrate against climate change, given they will inherit this earth from current generations?
  • Write a five-point instructional plan urging world leaders to make climate change an essential issue
  • Create clever slogans to go on protest signs
  • Look into a recent event where extreme weather meant people had to leave their homes, and write a summary of it

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