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Topical Tuesdays from The Week Junior – TV Debates


You can't have failed to notice that on 19 November, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson took part in the first live televised debate of the general election campaign, and this is the focus of this week's Topical Tuesday.

Students will learn about what a general election is, how the voting works, and how our Government is formed.

They will find out what the key issues in this debate were, namely Brexit and the NHS, and what the two parties had to say on these issues.

But they will also look into why other parties like the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party were not invited to be there, and whether those parties' views should have been heard too.

  • Debate whether you think voting should be mandatory. After all, people fought incredibly hard for the right to vote. Is it an insult to them not to vote, or do people have the right to abstain if they don't like any candidate?
  • Imagine you were standing for election. What would you want to change about our country. Make a list of your top five promises, giving persuasive reasons for each.
  • Write a (pretend) letter to your local MP saying whether you think children should get the vote. Make sure you explain your reasons clearly and respectfully.
  • Investigate who your local MP is. Create a fact file about the person who represents your area, including which political party they belong to and any interesting issues they seem to be particularly passionate about.

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