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Year 5 Tier 2 Words: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Cards

Tier 2 words are ones which children might encounter in text but are less likely to use in everyday conversation. As these words are often unfamiliar to children, they can sometimes act as a barrier to reading. We have chosen 48 Tier 2 words for this Year 5 pack.

The Tier 2 words in this pack can be used by children to add more adventurous or formal vocabulary to their writing. The worksheets can also be used as a reading comprehension activity.

The pack contains:

Tier 2 word cards - the cards are presented on separate pieces of paper so that they can be shared amongst pupils in a group. Also included are larger versions of the words so that they can be used for display. Children could discuss the meaning of these phrases out of context.

Tier 2 word definitions - these definition cards could be matched up to the vocabulary word. They are available in a small size for sharing at a table and also for display.

Tier 2 word answer sheet - this sheet presents the Tier 2 words with their definitions.

Tier 2 sentence worksheets - children can read the Tier 2 words in context and then try to infer their meaning. Four worksheets using different Tier 2 words are included.