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Creating Characters, with Sam Copeland (Episode 2)

image of Creating Characters, with Sam Copeland (Episode 2)
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Inspire KS2 children to create vibrant, believable, complex characters with expert advice from Sam Copeland, author of the ‘Charlie McGuffin’ series of books, in which the eponymous hero changes into random animals when he gets stressed.

This resources pack is designed to be used with episode two of the Author In Your Classroom podcast (LISTEN NOW HERE – or search for ‘Author In Your Classroom’ wherever you get your podcasts) – a virtual ‘author visit’ you can share with children whenever you like, absolutely free!

The resource pack includes:

  • Creating great characters with Sam Copeland PowerPoint
  • Book extracts in print and as audiobook clips
  • Illustrations and author quotes for a working wall display
  • Inventing your hero character creation story planning sheet
  • Showing, not telling character creation planning sheet
  • Inventing a villain character creation planning sheet
  • Story planning sheet
  • Themed story writing sheets
  • Teacher notes

This episode of Author In Your Classroom has been recorded in partnership with Puffin Schools; Puffin Schools is curated by the children’s publisher Puffin. You’ll find video resources, book lists and ideas to bring stories to life at PuffinSchools.co.uk.

Listen to this episode now

  • PowerPoint
  • Planning sheets
  • Writing sheets
  • Images and quotes for a working wall display
  • Podcast
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