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Bringing Mythology Into the Modern World, with Louie Stowell (episode 28)

image of Bringing Mythology Into the Modern World, with Louie Stowell (episode 28)
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‘A writer’ is something you become as soon as you begin to write and, for Louie Stowell, that happened at the age of eight. Now, she has used her art of storytelling to create a funny, fast-paced novel featuring Loki, the Norse god of mischief and lies, who has been sent to earth by Odin to learn how to be virtuous and mend his trickster ways.

In this teaching sequence, pupils will have the chance to explore what might happen if gods from other mythical worlds were placed on Earth as children, and discuss how the author describes aspects of the human world through the eyes of a visiting god. Pupils will add drawings and doodles to their writing, thinking about the extra information that these can give to the reader and add to the story. Extracts from the podcast are suggested to introduce each section of the teaching sequence, providing an excellent way to connect the things children are learning with the work of a professional author.

The pack includes teacher notes, a PowerPoint, worksheets and beautifully designed elements for a working wall, and has been exclusively created to be used with episode 28 of the Author In Your Classroom podcast – a virtual ‘author visit’ you can share with children whenever you like, absolutely free!

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  • PowerPoint
  • An extract from Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good
  • Planning sheets 1, 2 and 3
  • Gods from ancient mythologies image cards
  • Themed writing paper
  • Working wall images and quotes
  • Teaching notes
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