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Dennis and his Bouncy Soles - Key Stage 2 Beano Comprehension and Writing Activities Pack

image of Dennis and his Bouncy Soles - Key Stage 2 Beano Comprehension and Writing Activities Pack
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Plazoom has teamed up with Beano to create comprehension activities based on one of its well-loved comic strips. The comprehension questions will develop pupils’ skills when answering questions that involve retrieval, inference, vocabulary and sequencing. A writing prompt is also included with each resource pack.

What is included in this Key Stage 2 resource pack?

In this resource, pupils will read a story featuring Beano Town’s Dennis and Gnasher. Rubi has invented some new bouncy soles which Dennis then attaches to his shoes. However, the soles are bouncier than either of them realise! After bouncing out of the lab, in cement, on a boat, and up to a hot air ballooon (where he helps Bananaman!), he finally lands back home. But were the soles disposed of responsibly as Dennis claims they were?

What is Beano for Schools?

For more brilliant Beano inspiration, and to find out about school subscriptions, visit the Beano for Schools website.

National Curriculum programme of study links

  • Pupils should check that they understand what they read by

    - checking that the text makes sense to them ... checking the meaning of words in context.
    - drawing inferences such as inferring characters feelings, thoughts and motives for their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence.

  • Pupils should plan and discuss their ideas for writing.

  • Reading sheet
  • Comprehension questions and writing activity sheet
  • Answer sheet
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