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Year 5 Modal Verbs Grammar Worksheets Lesson Pack

image of Year 5 Modal Verbs Grammar Worksheets Lesson Pack
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This powerful KS2 grammar resources pack provides everything you need to teach a series of five lessons on modal verbs, culminating in an extended writing task where children can use their grammatical understanding in context.

This primary resource pack includes:

  • Modal verbs PowerPoint
    This includes explanations, examples and activities to introduce modal verbs to your class
  • Modal verbs challenge worksheet
    Underline the modal verb in sentences, add modal verbs to fill in the blanks, use the modal verbs given in a sentence, then write a five-sentence story about the image provided, using modal verbs
  • ‘What if?’ cards
    A series of ‘What if?’ printable cards, in two sizes, to use as writing prompts to practise using modal verbs, such as ‘What if you were What if you were placed in charge of the country? What would you change? What laws would you pass?
  • Uplevelling sheet
    Rewrite each of these sentences to make them more interesting. Use modal verbs, and other writing techniques you know
  • Writing plan
    This PDF worksheet features an image, and four boxes of writing prompts for children to structure a short passage about it, using modal verbs.
  • Teacher’s notes

Activities include SATs-style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses, with eye-catching images as prompts.

What is a modal verb?

Modal verbs are verbs that indicate things like the likelihood, need or ability to do something. In other words, they indicate modality: permission, request, capacity, suggestions, order, obligation, advice etc.

Modal verb examples

Could, would, should, may, might, must, mustn’t, can, can’t, will, won’t, ought to

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Using modal verbs or adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility

  • PowerPoint
  • modal verbs worksheet
  • What if? cards
  • writing plan
  • uplevelling writing worksheet
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