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Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast? – Topical Tuesdays Activities from First News  

image of Are Kids Growing Up Too Fast? – Topical Tuesdays Activities from First News  
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It has been announced that throwaway vapes will be banned in the UK to tackle the rise in young people vaping and to protect children’s health. Also in the news is the fact that social media is encouraging young children to buy anti-ageing skincare products.


Are children being encouraged to grow up too quickly? Vapes and skincare products are just two examples of items that companies are trying to sell to young people. Or are they? Are we just overreacting? Haven’t children always tried to use things designed for adults in order to pretend they are more grown up? In the case of vapes, why shouldn’t adults be allowed versions that have sweet flavours or bright colours? Or do clever advertisers simply pretend it’s an accident that their products appeal to youngsters? Should we be preventing anything that looks like it’s targeting those who are not yet old enough? In any case, childhood is short enough as it is – shouldn’t we be encouraging kids to hold on to this stage of life as long as possible? After all, they’ll never get it back. What do you think?

Writing skills

Write the script for a short influencer video, explaining to other youngsters how to use a popular construction toy, such as Lego, or play your favourite (non computer-based) game. Make it as serious or humorous as you like but remember to use a lively, informal tone and persuasive language. If possible, perform it to your class. Start with, “Hi guys, welcome to my channel!”.


Write a short, Aesop-style fable titled The boy/girl/child [you decide which] who wanted to grow up too soon. Remember to use the third person and past tense and state the moral or lesson of the story at the very end.


Research and rank the five youngest ever prime ministers of the UK. Include their age when they first took the top job and the year in which they came to power.

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