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Kids Missing Out On The Dentist – Topical Tuesdays Activities from First News  

image of Kids Missing Out On The Dentist – Topical Tuesdays Activities from First News  
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Five million children in England missed out on a check-up with an NHS dentist in the past year. An investigation by The Times says dental care is in crisis. Over 26,000 children had to go to hospital last year to have decaying teeth pulled out, and pupils are missing school because of tooth pain.


It is unfortunate that many children are not getting proper dental care. But is that really the responsibility of the government? Shouldn’t parents be making sure that they get their children’s teeth checked regularly instead of expecting taxpayers to fund it? Wouldn’t it be better to cut down on buying sweets and using any money saved to pay for trips to the dentist? Or is it right that the country should provide the best possible care for our youngsters? Many families can barely afford to put food on the table. In any case, it looks like we pay more by having to send children to hospital to get their mouth problems treated. What do you think?

Writing skills

The article headline states that ‘Millions of kids miss seeing the dentist’. which can be read in different ways. Write a humorous imaginary letter to your dentist explaining why you long to go back there. You could outline what you miss about your visits in particular, such as the exciting chair or the wonderful collection of magazines in the waiting room. Remember to describe your feelings and use the features of an informal letter.


Write two limericks (five-lined humorous poems with the rhyming structure AABBA) about teeth or going to the dentists.


Research which foods are most likely to damage your teeth and write a few sentences outlining what they are and how they cause decay.

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