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KS1 Grammar – Rhyming Snap Card Game for Year 1

image of KS1 Grammar – Rhyming Snap Card Game for Year 1
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A set of rhyming snap cards that will help children in year 1 identify rhyming words.

This download contains a total of 96 illustrated and captioned cards, spanning 24 different rhymes – there are four cards per rhyme, presented four per page of the enclosed PDF. Each card contains a photographic image prompt and a one-word description immediately below.

Children can use the cards to try and complete the rhyming sets, or else use them to play a game of snap. A second PDF (’KS1 rhyming word snap cards - pictures only’) contains a further 96 cards with the same illustrations, but without the text captions.

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words.

  • Teacher notes
  • Cards with pictures only
  • Cards with words and pictures
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