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KS1 Science – Rainforest Animals Facts Posters for Classroom Displays and Inspiration

image of KS1 Science – Rainforest Animals Facts Posters for Classroom Displays and Inspiration
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This download contains materials for creating a series of classroom display posters relating to six rainforest animals (gorilla, sloth, jaguar, orangutan, red-eyed tree frog, toucan), which combine images and written facts to help inspire classroom discussion and writing ideas at KS1.

The contents comprise:

  • Completed posters’ – 6 illustrated A4 posters, each showing statistics and interesting facts about the pictured rainforest animal
  • Blank A4 posters’ - 6 A4 full-bleed photographs of rainforest animals, upon which students can arrange the separate facts contained within the ‘Poster assets’ document (or indeed some facts of their own)
  • Poster assets’ – a 20-page document containing several ‘Did you know..?’ facts for each of the six rainforest animals, presented as separate panels ready for cutting out and combining with the ‘Blank A4 posters’ PDF
  • Facts sheet’ – the facts contained in the ‘Poster assets’ document, presented as six brightly coloured (though non-illustrated) standalone A4 sheets that can be used as separate classroom display elements
  • Large posters’ – the six illustrations contained in ‘Blank posters’, each formatted as ultra-large images composed of four A4 sheets that can be printed off and assembled to create larger classroom displays
  • Single-page ‘Cover sheet’ document containing teacher notes

National Curriculum science programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to identify and name a variety of common animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

  • Completed A4 posters
  • A4 posters - images only
  • Make your own poster resources
  • rainforest animal fact sheets
  • Teacher notes
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