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KS2 Adverbial Phrases – Model Sentences for Reference, Display and Activities

image of KS2 Adverbial Phrases – Model Sentences for Reference, Display and Activities
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This Key Stage 2 grammar resource pack features a wide range of sentences using adverbial phrases for connection, which children in Years 3 and 4 can use as models for their own writing.

Because they are not all fronted adverbials, the sentences will be useful for children in Year 5 and 6, too.

What is included in this KS2 resources pack?

  • Model sentences for the table
    Pupil reference sheets show all of the model sentences on 2 mats which can be kept on tables and referred to during lessons. Additional versions are provided which separate the sentences into easily trimmable columns. This enables you to provide a pupil with a smaller group of phrases at a time.

  • Model sentences for display
    The sentences are presented at a larger size so they can be used as part of a wall display.

  • Adverbial phrases worksheets x 3
    These contain different sentences that are missing words or phrases, for children to complete

  • Adverbial phrases set
    The words and phrases can be cut out individually, then sorted into different categories using the grid provided

  • Adverbial phrases grid
    Children can use this to classify and sort different types of adverbial phrases

What are adverbials?

An adverbial is an adverb, phrase or clause that is used to modify a verb or clause. Prepositional phrases and subordinate clauses are also types of adverbials. They show when, how, how often or how long, to what extent, where or why an action is occurring.

The bus will arrive in ten minutes.
The prepositional phrase is used as an adverbial, as it modifies the verb arrive.

He walked until he reached the bridge.
The subordinating clause is used as an adverbial as it modifies the verb walked.

Fortunately, he had remembered his homework.
The adverb is used as an adverbial as it modifies the whole clause by commenting. This is an example of a fronted adverbial, as it comes at the beginning of the sentence. A comma must be used after the fronted adverbial.

  • Teacher notes
  • Pupil reference sheets
  • Display sentences
  • Adverbial phrases worksheets
  • Adverbial phrases cards
  • Adverbial phrases grid
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