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KS2 SATs Reading Skills Support Pack

image of KS2 SATs Reading Skills Support Pack
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This PDF pack is designed to support teaching reading skills in preparation for the end of KS2 SATs reading test. It should be used in conjunction with the 2018 KS2 reading test materials.

Year 6 pupils will have the opportunity to answer questions using retrieval skills, inference and explaining the meaning of vocabulary in context.

The pack is made up of three lessons. Each of these focuses on a different reading skill, and prepares children for the KS2 SATs papers by enabling them to gain confidence in these key areas.

The children complete simple activities based on that skill before answering practice questions.

Following a review of the answers, the children can attempt equivalent questions on the past SATs paper.

  • Lesson 1 – 2b – Retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction.
  • Lesson 2 – 2a – Give / explain the meaning of words in context.
  • Lesson 3 – 2d – Make inferences from the text / explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text.

Practice questions and additional resources are included for each lesson.

  • PowerPoint
  • Retrieval questions worksheet
  • Vocabulary context worksheet
  • Word questions worksheet
  • The Amusements' text extrac
  • Evidence grid
  • Inference questions worksheet
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