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KS2 English – Sentence Starters – Posters for Creative Writing Inspiration

image of KS2 English – Sentence Starters – Posters for Creative Writing Inspiration
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This download contains materials for creating a series of six display posters illustrating different ways of beginning a sentence (with an adverb, conjunction, preposition, simile or verb, or with onomatopoeia). Each poster combines an image prompt and several clear examples to support grammar explanations and writing activities at KS2.

The contents comprise:

  • 6 complete, illustrated A4 posters, each showing one approach to starting a sentence with up to six written examples
  • Blank A4 posters’ - 6 A4 full-bleed pictures of the image prompts used in the completed posters, to which students can add their own sentence starter suggestions
  • ‘Assets – a 22-page document containing designed headers, example sentences and blank speech/thought bubbles, ready for cutting out and combining with the ‘Blank posters’ PDF
  • Big posters’ – the six illustrations contained in ‘Blank posters’, each formatted as ultra-large images composed of four A4 sheets that can be printed off and assembled to create larger classroom displays
  • Single-page ‘Teacher notes’ document

  • teacher notes
  • completed posters
  • posters with no text
  • giant posters
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