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Sentence Openers Posters for Creative Writing Inspiration - KS2 Classroom Displays

image of Sentence Openers Posters for Creative Writing Inspiration - KS2 Classroom Displays
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This classroom display pack contains a series of six posters illustrating different sentence starters in KS2 that could be used when writing: with an adverb, conjunction, preposition, simile, verb or with onomatopoeia. Each poster combines an image prompt and several clear examples to support grammar explanations and writing activities at KS2.

Blank versions of each poster are also included for pupils to add their own examples as part of a working wall.

What are good sentence starters?

Sentences can begin in a number of ways using a range of sentence openers. This classroom display provides examples of a variety of ways that sentences can begin.

  • Adverbs (words that modify verbs and also adjectives, other adverbs or whole sentences)

Soon, a crowd gathered to watch Milo.

Slowly, the seconds ticked past.

  • Conjunctions (words that link words, phrases or clauses and can be co-ordinating or subordinating)

While Barney handed over the present, the lion pounced.

Since the lion rarely had visitors, he got excited when Barney arrived.

  • Onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like the sound it names)

Click went the lever as it was released.

Whoosh - the rocket whizzed into the air.

  • Prepositions (words that shows the position, direction, timing or link between a noun, pronoun or noun phrase to the rest of the sentence)

Before the fall, the day had been very quiet.

On the street below, bystanders stared in disbelief.

  • Similes ( a figure of speech comparing one thing to another using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’)

Like wounded birds, the tomato slices dropped to the counter.

As fast as lightening, the blade cut through the air.

  • Verbs (words that identify an action, thought or feeling in a sentence)

Smiling happily, Jennifer took the picture.

Clicking constantly, Jennifer took hundreds of photographs.

What is included in this sentence starters classroom display pack?

  • 6 complete, illustrated A4 posters, each showing one approach to starting a sentence with up to six written examples.
  • 6 Blank A4 posters, to which students can add their own sentence starter suggestions as part of an English working wall.
  • PDF assets containing designed headers, example sentences and blank speech/thought bubbles to use with the blank posters.
  • Giant versions of the A4 posters to create larger classroom displays
  • Teacher notes

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National Curriculum English programme of study links

Years 3 / 4 Writing - composition

Pupils should be taught to :
Years 5 / 6 Writing - composition

  • evaluate and edit by assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing and suggesting improvements

Pupils should be taught to :

  • draft and write by selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understanding how such choices can change and enhance meaning
  • evaluate and edit by assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing

  • teacher notes
  • completed posters
  • posters with no text
  • giant posters
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