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Openers activity KS2 – Varying sentence starters KS2 worksheets

image of Openers activity KS2 – Varying sentence starters KS2 worksheets
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This openers activity KS2 worksheet is an excellent way to develop children’s use of sentence starters for writing. There are several activities that help children understand the effect their writing has on the reader. You can teach these in a single lesson or spread them over a number of sessions.

There are images to give children ideas for their writing, and creative writing challenges based on sentence openers. It’s a great way to revise previous learning, and to experiment with new ideas.

Openers activity KS2 worksheet

We’ve divided this openers activity KS2 resource into five sections:

  • Explain
    Look at the seven different versions of the same sentence, and list the seven different ways these sentences have been started.
  • Understand
    Look at the seven different sentence starters and complete each one.
  • Challenge
    Look at the images and write two different sentences about each one. Find a different way to start each sentence.
  • Test
    Sort the words or phases that could be used to start a sentence into seven different groups and label each box. Add three examples of your own to each box.
  • Apply
    What’s in the box? Imagine that you have received this package from an unknown sender. Write a story about the box and its contents. Remember to add different sentence starts to keep your writing interesting.

Seven examples of different sentence openers

  • Swoosh, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • Like a paper dart, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • Falling out of the distant grey clouds, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • Even though the sky had seemed empty moments earlier, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • High above my head, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • Silently, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • Deadly and alert, the eagle dropped out of the sky.
  • evaluate and edit by assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing and suggesting improvements
  • evaluate and edit by proposing changes to grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency, including the accurate use of pronouns in sentences

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