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Library Treasure Hunt: KS1 Activities Pack

image of Library Treasure Hunt: KS1 Activities Pack
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Explore your library using this KS1 library treasure hunt resource.

The activity will encourage pupils in year 1 and year 2 to investigate either the school library or your local public library by searching for books that include the items pictured on the PDF worksheet. The terms fiction and non-fiction are used on the resource, giving teachers the opportunity to discuss the differences between the two.
The treasure hunt is the perfect resource to complete during libraries week (held 4th - 10th October 2021) or at any point in the year when you have time for pupils to explore your school or local library.

How to use the resource:
- Give pupils a copy of one of the treasure hunt sheets. There are five versions included, meaning different sheets could be given to groups so that they are not all searching for the same thing.
- Discuss what images the pupils have and how they might be interpreted, valuing the different ideas that pupils give.
- Allow pupils time to find books, both fiction and non-fiction, that include the items pictured. You may want to discuss whether they think the items are more likely to be found in a book that is fiction or non-fiction.
- Encourage pupils to talk about the books that they find, ticking off each one on the sheet as they find them.

National Curriculum Programme of study links
Pupils should be taught to participate in discussions about books ...

  • Teacher notes
  • 5 x treasure hunt sheets
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