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Space Blasters: Teaching Sequence for Years 2, 3 and 4, with Worksheets and Activities

image of Space Blasters: Teaching Sequence for Years 2, 3 and 4, with Worksheets and Activities
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This resource pack provides activities suitable for pupils in Years 2 - 4 based on the funny, STEM-themed book Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe by Katie and Kevin Tsang. In Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe Suzie Wen creates a new invention that transports her into her favourite TV Show! But will she ever get home?

This highly illustrated book is full of mind-bending, space-themed facts that will take readers on an adventure through the universe. A visualiser could be used to share the illustrations with pupils during shared reading.

The resource pack will guide teachers when reading this book to the class, providing questions to prompt class discussions about characters and events throughout Suzie’s adventures in a series of eight lessons. Links to STEM subjects are also included to explore Suzie’s inventions and inspire pupils.

By reading Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe and taking part in the planned, engaging activities, children will develop reading and writing skills from Years 2-4 of the National Curriculum for English. Questions about each section are included to prompt discussion and develop a range of comprehension skills. Objectives from other curriculum subjects, such as science and design technology, are also included, to create a cross-curricular resource pack.

This LKS2 resource pack includes:

  • Teacher notes
  • PPT teaching slides
  • Book cover PDF
  • Activity sheets 1-6

National Curriculum programme of study links

The following objectives are covered throughout the unit:

  • Develop pleasure in reading, motivation to read, vocabulary and understanding by:
    - listening to, discussing and expressing views about a wide range of contemporary and classic … stories … at a level beyond that at which they can read independently
    - discussing the sequence of events in books and how items of information are related
  • Understand both the books that they can already read accurately and fluently and those that they listen to by:
    - asking and answering questions
  • Explain and discuss their understanding of books … both those that they listen to and those that they can read for themselves.

Year 3 / 4 READING

  • Develop positive attitudes to reading and understanding what they read by:
    - listening to and discussing a wide range of fiction …
  • Participate in discussions about books that are read to them and those they can read for themselves, building on their own and others’ ideas and challenging views courteously.

Design technology, science and writing, as well as further reading objectives are highlighted on individual lessons within the teacher’s notes.

  • Teacher notes
  • PPT teaching slides
  • Book cover PDF
  • Activity sheets 1-6
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