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KS1 Grammar Worksheet – Homophones

image of KS1 Grammar Worksheet – Homophones
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This 3-page worksheet for children in year 2 is an excellent way of revising and practising homophones. Students can be set the following four activities as part of a classroom lesson, for assessment purposes or as a homework task:

  • Students complete four sentences by circling the correct word from a series of homophone pairs, and then underline incorrect spellings in a further four sentences
  • Starting with a pirate-themed image prompt, students proceed to write three sentences that each use one of three pre-selected homophonic words
  • Students complete six sentences by suggesting a single missing homophonic word for each
  • Working from an image prompt, students write a brief story passage while attempting to include five pre-chosen homophones

What is a homophone?

Two or more words that sound the same when spoken out loud, but which have different spellings or meanings

Homophone examples

  • there / they’re
  • blue / blew
  • see / sea
  • two / too
  • hear / here
  • bear / bare

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to spell by learning new ways of spelling phonemes for which one or more spellings are already known, and learn some words with each spelling, including a few common homophones.

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