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KS2 Spelling Worksheet – ‘-cious’ and ‘-tious’ words

image of KS2 Spelling Worksheet – ‘-cious’ and ‘-tious’ words
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This 3-page worksheet for children in years 5 and 6 is an excellent way of revising and practising words ending in -cious or -tious. Students can be set the following five activities as part of a classroom lesson, for assessment purposes or as a homework task:

  • Circle the correctly spelt -cious and -tious words
  • Rewrite two sentences so that they include correct uses of -cious and -tious words
  • Starting with a pair of image prompts, add -cious or -tious to two incomplete words and use those words in a written sentence about each picture
  • Replace the underlined words or phrases in four different sentences with synonyms that end in -cious or -tious
  • Write a short passage in response to an image prompt that includes as many -cious and -tious words as possible from a pre-chosen list of five (or, indeed, any others)

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Statutory spelling requirements: Endings which sound like /ʃəs/, spelt -cious or -tious – if the root word ends in -ce, the /ʃ/ sound is usually spelt as c; e.g. vice ? vicious, grace ? gracious, space ? spacious, malice ? malicious

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