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The Life of Charles Dickens - KS2 Comprehension Text and Worksheets

image of The Life of Charles Dickens - KS2 Comprehension Text and Worksheets
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Pupils can learn about the famous Victorian author Charles Dickens in this biographical text about the writer. Pupils will learn about his life, how he became a novelist, and his legacy.

Pupils in year 5 and year 6 will read the biographical text before answering comprehension questions about what they have read. The text ‘Who was Charles Dickens?’ could also be used as a model text and WAGOLL as part of a unit where pupils write biographies.

These LKS2 comprehension resources will:

  • teach pupils about a significant person in British history
  • give pupils the opportunity to practise listening, reading and developing comprehension skills

This KS2 comprehension pack includes:

  • Who was Charles Dickens? reading text
  • Comprehension questions, with answer sheet

National Curriculum English Programme of study links

  • Pupils should listen to … non-fiction at a level beyond at which they can read independently
  • Pupils should understand the books that they can read independently and those that they listen to …

  • Reading text
  • Comprehension questions
  • Comprehension answers
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