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Topical Tuesdays: Ashes Series Starts - Key Stage 2 News Story and Reading and Writing Activity Sheet from The Week Junior

image of Topical Tuesdays: Ashes Series Starts - Key Stage 2 News Story and Reading and Writing Activity Sheet from The Week Junior
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On 16th June, the 2023 Ashes series started with the men’s teams playing in Birmingham, England. That opening contest was won by Australia, who beat England in a very exciting finish. The final Test is due to finish on 31st July.

This resources pack includes an article from The Week Junior magazine, along with a sheet of activities designed to get children thinking, talking and writing about what the story means to them.


The Ashes have begun with all the usual hype and fanfare. But do we get too excited about some sports competitions?

Aren’t we in danger of investing too much emotional energy in certain contests, especially those between different nations? Doesn’t it risk causing bad feeling between people from different countries? Or is it a great way to divert us from our everyday lives?

Doesn’t international sport allow us to support our country without getting involved in genuine conflict? Don’t we all love a bit of excitement, even if there’s a chance our team won’t win?

Writing skills

It’s fun to support our own teams but we have to make sure we are not unkind to others in the process. Write a set of instructions for watching a sports match with someone who supports the other side. Include all the features of an instructional text, such as imperative verbs, numbered points, a ‘What you need’ section and a ‘How to do it’ section. Above all, make sure it sets a good example for enjoying friendly rivalry.


Write a report of a fun game you have played with a friend or family member, whether it’s a card game, board game or something more energetic. Your challenge, however, is to write it in the style of a sports report or sports commentary.


One of the most famous Ashes series of all time was called the Botham Ashes. Find out when it was and summarise what happened.

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What is the Week Junior?

The Week Junior magazine looks at current affairs and helps children make sense of the world, provides context and clarity to complex issues, improves general knowledge and encourages discussion and debate.

To find out more about The Week Junior and to download its free resources, please go to The Week Junior website.

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