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Topical Tuesdays: Mind-reading Breakthrough - Key Stage 2 News Story and Reading and Writing Activity Sheet from The Week Junior

image of Topical Tuesdays: Mind-reading Breakthrough - Key Stage 2 News Story and Reading and Writing Activity Sheet from The Week Junior
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Scientists have developed a way to read minds, translating unspoken thoughts into written words in real-time. It’s the first time it’s been done without having to put anything into the brain, and the team used artificial intelligence (AI).

Technology has delivered many extraordinary benefits to humankind, but is using AI (artificial intelligence) to read people’s minds a step too far? Do you think that people should be allowed to keep their thoughts to themselves?

This resources pack includes an article from The Week Junior magazine, along with a sheet of activities designed to get children thinking, talking and writing about what the story means to them.


Isn’t it inevitable that this will be adapted and used by bad people for unpleasant purposes before long? Or do you think the benefits it will provide will outweigh those risks of misuse?

Haven’t there always been those who resist new inventions because of unfounded fears? In any case, aren’t the same scientists who created it bound to find ways to prevent it from being used in harmful ways? What do you think?

Writing skills

Imagine there’s a computer reading your mind and saying your thoughts out loud while you’re having a chat with, say, a grandparent who has given you a less than exciting present for your birthday. Using a playscript format, write a short, three-way dialogue between you, that relative and the device that is expressing your unspoken thoughts.

Make it as funny or serious as you like, but try to show how difficult it might be if we can’t keep our thoughts private.


Imagine a machine has been developed that can read the minds of animals. Write two or three paragraphs expressing what your pet might be thinking. If you do not have a pet, pretend you do.


Research a different invention that many people worried about at first but which soon turned out to be something positive for humankind. State what the invention was and list some of the objections.

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What is The Week Junior?

The Week Junior magazine looks at current affairs and helps children make sense of the world, provides context and clarity to complex issues, improves general knowledge and encourages discussion and debate.

To find out more about The Week Junior and to download its free resources, please go to The Week Junior website.

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