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Word Whoosh - Tier 2 Vocabulary Pack: Year 6 - Spring 2

image of Word Whoosh - Tier 2 Vocabulary Pack: Year 6 - Spring 2
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Develop vocabulary across your school using Word Whoosh!

This year 6 resource pack clarifies and extends children’s understanding of tier 2 vocabulary, helping them to use a wider range of words when speaking and orally composing sentences. Six words are covered:


The resource pack is divided into four activities: read and visualise, associate, understand and definition.

In the definition section, pupils will complete a Superpower sheet, which is a graphic organiser to help build and develop vocabulary, as a class or independently.

This pack includes (x6):

  • Read and visualise: vocabulary display card with an image and definition, smaller vocabulary cards for pupil use, sentence cards
  • Associate: word web
  • Understand: word or image cards
  • Define and master: ‘Super power’ recording sheet based on The Frayer model
  • Teaching notes

How to use these resources:

The resources are designed as a series of short tasks to be completed as part of a group or with the whole class over a week so that the word is revisited regularly. They could be used as a starter activity to an English lesson or be taught as a short discrete daily lesson.

What is tier 2 vocabulary?

These are words are sometimes referred to as academic vocabulary. They are words that appear across topics but are not commonly used in conversation and may have multiple meanings. The explicit teaching of these words helps develop pupils’ comprehension and their ability to chose words for clarity and effect when writing.

What is Word Whoosh?

Word Whoosh is a whole school vocabulary resource with 36 focus words for each year group from reception to year 6.

Each year group has 12 words per term. These can be taught in any order according to the needs of your class or school and all follow a similar structure appropriate for the year group. A year 6+ set of resources are also included to stretch pupils working at greater depth in UKS2.

  • Read and visualise: vocabulary cards, image cards, sentence cards x 6
  • Associate: word web x 6
  • Understand: word or image cards x 6
  • Define and master: ‘Superpower’ recording sheet based on The Frayer model x 6
  • Teacher notes x 6
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