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Year 3 Coordinating Conjunctions SPaG Worksheets

image of Year 3 Coordinating Conjunctions SPaG Worksheets
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This bright, appealing PDF grammar worksheet is an excellent way to practise and revise using coordinating conjunctions in Y3.

This primary resource is divided into five sections:

  • Understand
    Complete these sentences.
  • Challenge
    Write 3 sentences to describe the library shown in the image, using a different coordinating conjunction in each one.
  • Test
    Circle the subordinating conjunctions in the example sentences, then pick which coordinating conjunction best completes each sentence.
  • Explain
    Using your own words, explain what a coordinating conjunction is.
  • Apply
    Write a short passage to explain what has happened in the image provided. Make sure you include at least 3 coordinating conjunctions to show that you can use them.

Activities include SATs style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses, with eye-catching images as prompts.

What is a coordinating conjunction?

A coordinating conjunction is a conjunction that goes between, and links, words, phrases, clauses or sentences of equal importance.

Coordinating conjunction examples

  • The walls were painted white and blue.
  • My phone is either in my bag or on the table.
  • I enjoy geography but not RE.
  • I won’t eat chillies for they are too spicy for me.
  • Stevie won’t drink milk, nor will he eat eggs.
  • We cleared the table so we could play a board game.
  • She doesn’t try very hard, yet she still does well.

Coordinating conjunction list

There are only seven coordinating conjunctions

  • And
  • But
  • For
  • Nor
  • Or
  • So
  • Yet

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Use coordinating conjunctions (eg ‘and’) to link two words or phrases together as an equal pair

  • Worksheets featuring five sections: understand challenge test explain and apply. Activities include SATs style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses with eye-catching images as prompts
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