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Expanded noun phrases KS2 – Year 6 worksheets

image of Expanded noun phrases KS2 – Year 6 worksheets
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Use this bright, appealing expanded noun phrases KS2 worksheet to practise and revise using expanded noun phrases to convey information concisely.

Within this resource, students will encounter a diverse array of activities, ranging from SATs-style questions that challenge their understanding and application of expanded noun phrases to creative writing exercises that encourage imaginative expression. Moreover, the incorporation of captivating images as prompts not only stimulates creativity but also enhances the overall learning experience, making the process of mastering expanded noun phrases both enjoyable and visually enriching.

Expanded noun phrases KS2 worksheets

We’ve divided this primary resource into five sections:

Underline the expanded noun phrase in each section and create expanded noun phrases, revisiting terminology from Appendix 2. For example, under the expanded noun phrase in this sentence:

The ruby-encrusted ring on her finger sparkled in the sunlight.

Rewrite expanded noun phrases to make them more concise. For example, replace the expanded noun phrase in the sentence below:

The very old clock on the shelf above the fire ticked loudly.

Circle the expanded nouns. Expand the noun in the following sentence to create an expanded noun phrase:

The tree swayed in the breeze.

Write about how you create an expanded noun phrase. Include the following words to help you explain: determiner, adjective, modifying noun, prepositional phrase.

Use the picture to write a description of a music concert, using expanded noun phrases to add description. As an extra challenge, can pupils also use fronted adverbials in their writing?

What is an expanded noun phrase?

A noun phrase comprises a noun and additional words that help to further describe that noun. Typically, you add adjectives, separated by commas, to describe the noun and create the noun phrase.

Expanded noun phrase examples:

The big brown bear
The little, run-down house
The shoes with yellow laces
Sarah’s bowl of cereal
The cheeky monkey climbing the tree

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information concisely.

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